GT King’s UID, monthly earnings, Free Fire stats, and more (Feb 2022)

Free Fire’s massive audience has provided gamers with the opportunity to explore the avenues of content creation and streaming. Several players have achieved amazing success in the previous several years, garnering millions of fans on multiple platforms.

Ravichandra Vigneshwar is one of the most eminent Tamil Free Fire content creators with over 3 million subscribers. His audience knows him by his in-game alias, GT King, or by the name of his YouTube channel, Gaming Tamizhan.

What is GT King’s Free Fire ID and stats?

GT King’s Free Fire ID is 287597612. His statistics are as follows:

Lifetime stats

GT King has participated in 18221 squad games and has gained the first position 3617 times, resulting in a win ratio of 19.85%. He has registered 51777 kills, while his K/D ratio stands at 3.55.

He has also joined 1797 duo matches and scored 160 Booyahs while retaining a win percentage of 8.90%. With 3351 eliminations, the internet star has upheld a kill-to-death ratio of 2.07.

Gaming Tamizhan has competed in 674 solo games and is undefeated in 48, adding to a win rate of 7.12%. He bagged 1450 frags while securing a K/D ratio of 2.32.

The YouTuber has entered 43 squad matches this season and come out victorious on three occasions, resulting in a win rate of 6.97%. With 115 eliminations, he upholds a K/D ratio of 2.88.

The streamer has played a single solo and duo game each but has no kills or wins in either.

Note: GT King’s stats are subject to change.

Guild and rank

GT King heads the GT Family guild, whose ID is 3008938070. Speaking of his rank, he is placed in Platinum 4 in BR-Ranked and Heroic in the CS-Ranked.

Monthly income

Ravichandra Vigneshwer is estimated to make around $3.5K to $55.8K every month through Gaming Tamizhan on YouTube. His yearly income is believed to be between $41.9K and $670.2K.

YouTube channel

Ravichandra started his YouTube channel in January 2019, and in over three years, he has become the most subscribed Tamil Free Fire content creator. While the broadcaster is nearing 1000 uploads on the channel, he has already generated 326 million views in total. He recently accomplished the feat of achieving 3 million subscribers.

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